Renal Biopsy

Renal Biopsy

Renal Biopsy

A renal biopsy or a kidney biopsy is a procedure used to extract kidney tissues for laboratory analysis. This test is performed to identify the type of kidney disease you have and the severity of the disease. A renal biopsy can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of kidney treatments and check for complications following a kidney transplant. A renal biopsy can help to identify the cause of interference with the normal kidney function.

What is a Kidney Biopsy?

A kidney biopsy is a procedure in which we take a sample of your kidney to test in a lab.

When is it used?

Reasons for doing this procedure include blood or protein in your urine. The procedure helps to make a more accurate diagnosis, which will help determine the proper treatment.

How do I prepare for a Kidney Biopsy?

If you have had any allergic reactions to X-ray dye you should inform your doctor beforehand. Also, tell him or her about any problems you have had with substances that contain iodine. Follow the instructions your doctor may give you.

What happens during the procedure?

You will be given a shot of local anesthetic into the skin. You may also be given intravenous medicine (a sedative) to help relax you during the procedure.


The Doctor will use a scanning technique such as ultrasound or CT scan to see the kidneys. If CT is used, X-ray dye may be given intravenously so that the doctor can better see the kidney during the insertion of the biopsy needle.


The Doctor will puncture the skin and guide a needle to the kidney. Because the kidneys move when you breathe, you must hold your breath for 15 to 20 seconds as the needle is inserted into your kidney. They will use the needle to remove a small sample of your kidney. The needle may need to be inserted more than once to get enough samples. The kidney sample is sent to the lab for tests.

What happens after the procedure?

You stay under observation for about 24 hours to make sure there is no continued bleeding. Avoid all heavy activity and do not strain or lift anything for the rest of the day and the following day.

What is the Cost for Kidney Biopsy in Delhi NCR

On an Average Kidney Biopsy Cost in Delhi varies from INR 6,000 to INR 35,000.

The cost of kidney biopsy varies significantly depending on the type of procedure performed.

How Can I find the Best Kidney Biopsy Doctor in Delhi NCR?

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A kidney biopsy is a procedure used to collect small pieces of kidney tissue for testing. This test helps doctors diagnose and treat kidney diseases, such as glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, and lupus nephritis!!

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Reasons for doing this procedure include blood or protein in your urine. The procedure helps to make a more accurate diagnosis, which will help determine the proper treatment.

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