Permacath Insertion

Permacath Insertion

Permacath Insertion

A Permacath is used to provide permanent vascular access for dialysis. Permacaths allow for a patient who needs kidney dialysis to avoid multiple catheter insertions. The permcath has a cuff that helps to hold the catheter in place and also acts as a barrier to any kind of infection. The cuff that is underneath the skin cannot be seen. The cuff is underneath the skin and cannot be seen.

The catheter is made of soft, white & flexible plastic and is about 6 inches long. Transparent dressing is used over the part where the catheter leaves the chest wall and cannot be seen when wearing clothes.

What does Permacath stand for?


Permacath is a piece of plastic tubing that has a cuff that holds the catheter in place and acts as a barrier to infection. The cuff is underneath the skin and cannot be seen. It is about 6 inches long and is made of soft, white, flexible plastic. There are 2 limbs. A transparent dressing will be put over the part where the catheter leaves the chest wall and (since the catheter is under the level of your collar bone) it will not be seen when you are clothed.

What is a Permacath placement?


The permacath is placed in the jugular vein. It is tunneled under the skin and tissues along the upper chest, under your collarbone and the end of the catheter will come out on the chest wall, about 4 inches underneath the collar bone.

What is a Permacath for dialysis?

A Permacath is used to access the vascular system for dialysis. Permacaths allow for a patient who needs dialysis to avoid multiple catheter insertions

What happens after the procedure?

You may feel some discomfort around the permacath and have some bruising. This is to be expected and pain relief may be necessary – please inform the doctor if you are in discomfort or pain.

When can I go home?

If everything has gone well, you will be able to go home the same day.

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