AV Graft for Dialysis

AV Graft for Dialysis

AV Graft

What is an AV Graft?

If you have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and need to begin dialysis treatment, vascular access is required. One such option is an AV Graft or arteriovenous graft.

This graft is usually placed in the arm but can be placed in the leg if required. AV Graft is the connection of a vein and artery through a hollow synthetic tube. Through this connection, blood flows from the high flow, high-pressure artery through the graft into the low flow, low-pressure vein. With the help of AV Graft, a flow rate is achieved that delivers enough blood to provide a hemodialysis treatment.

What is the procedure for AV Graft placement?

The process for placing AV graft is done under anaesthesia around the area selected. The doctor makes two small incisions to access the vein and artery. One end of the graft is connected to the artery and the other to the vein, surgically. Once it is placed, blood begins to flow from the artery to the vein through the AV Graft. This also permits needles to be placed into the graft for hemodialysis.

What are the advantages of AV Graft?

  • AV Graft can be used within 2 to 4-week post its placement.
  • It provides a solution for smaller and weak veins.
  • The surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis which allows rapid recovery.

How to know if you are a suitable candidate for AV Graft?

AV Graft is a better choice for those patients who have smaller and weak veins. If you are on dialysis or maybe starting in the future, you can opt for AV Graft. However, before making any decisions, you should speak to your doctor to understand if this access option is right for you

How is the recovery from AV Graft Placement Procedure like?

Once the procedure is done, your doctor will ask you to keep your arm on an elevation by either raising it or by keeping it over a pillow to reduce the pain and swelling at the access site. Some discomfort may be felt for a few days. If you can feel a slight vibration through your bandage, it is a sign that your graft is working properly.

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